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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Practice of Social Responsibility
China council for the promotion of car culture hosted "2014 China Auto Industry Social Responsibility Report" recently during the 2nd China Auto Industry Enterprise Social Responsibility Summit Meeting, and Dongfeng Auto won "2014 China Auto Industry Enterprise with Great Social Responsibility" and their Dongfeng Embellish Seedlings Event won great case on 2014 China China Auto Industry Enterprise Social Responsibility. It is learned that Dongfeng is the only company with two awards.
In 2008, DFM actively participated in public welfare including region construction, culture, education, poverty relief and disaster rescue, etc., in which the money and material donated were worth 94 million RMB

Disaster Relief: -In 2008, in the face of two natural disasters, DFM reacted very quickly. While self-rescued and restored production, DFM also made emergency deployment, took action and completely devoted to disaster relief and reconstruction without conditions. In January, after the serious snow storm attacked south of China, DFM donated 5 million RMB to the disaster area in Hubei Province. After “5.12” earthquake happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, DFM made emergency deployment and leaded its branches to support and participated in disaster relief. In addition to the donation from itself and its employees, DEM also organized and sent vehicles team, medical team and youth volunteers to disaster area to participated in anti-quake and disaster relief work. After that, DFM also implemented the school helping and employment assistance works 

Cultural Cultivation

Support Regional Construction: -In order to do the counterpart support, DFM determined ten projects and sent doctors to Xizang; donated 6.305 million RMB to renovate inner pipelines of the Huaguo Center Street, Shiyan City Poverty Alleviation and New Country Construction -Donated to China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation; offer poverty alleviation help to counterpart Xishui, Xingshan, Fangxian; Donated computers to countriesl donated books and audio visual products to Shiyan disaster area; Donated material to children in the mountain area. The contribution values was 1.72 million RMB

Education: -To fund 32 schools which included Xaingfan Dongfeng Vocational School, Xiangfan College, Hubei Institute of Automotive Industry, Huanglong Yetan Primary School, Baokang Chengguan Country Primary School, Baokang Dianya Primary School, Timian Primary School, etc.; Donated to help to build 5.12 disaster area school and publicized the education in Xuefeng Primary in development zone; Established the Shenlong Self-esteem Class in the No.1 School of Ma Country, Hubei Province; Consoled the teachers; Accepted students from disaster area, Ensi Country and Baihe Country and help them to school; Donated to help impoverished children and students to school; Donated books and toys to Xiaobo Kindergarten. All these activities took 8.112 million RMB in total

Charity: -Donated to the Shenlong “Love Project”; repurchase the damaged cars in quake and donated new Triumph cars; Purchased Oranges of Shiyan City to help local farmers; Donated to community committee of Renmin Square; Visit the big head child of Daling Village, Yun Country; Help the sick children of Xiangfan Cityin disease control and prevention; Consoled and donated to Xiangfan Children Welfare Home, Xiangfan Welfare Retirement Home, Welfare Home and Retirement Home, etc. Donated to the Red Cross Society of Xiangfan City; Offered Parking Place for bus for free. All these activities took 1.952 million RMB in total


CSR Reports & UN Collaborations

Literature, Art and Sports -Sponsored International Tourism Festival of Wudang Mountain; Sponsored Olympic Games and corresponded to the need of the engine services during Olympic; Built Cummins Library; All these activities took 5 million RMB in total

Public Advocacy: -Participated in the AIDS Prevention Publicity held by Red Cross Society; Held large-scale “World Red Cross Day” publicity activity; Held Goodwill Activity to help local orange farmers in Tutai Country and Yun Country of Danjiangkou City; Organized public performance; All these activities took 90,000 RMB in total 

Environment Prection: -Organized employees to participate in volunteer tree planting; Planted trees in Inner Mongolian, Dongcheng Park of Longgang; Donated seedling; Promote environmental awareness and gave out shopping for free; Cleaned white garbage along Cheqiao Highway and Han River; All these activities took 248,000 in total

Care For Employees -Offered health lectures and free consultation to employees; Helped and consoled employees and their families who were in difficulties, sick and wounded; Donated to the Special Love Fund and Love Project; All these activities took 2.305 million RMB